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Against hunger!


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Initiative to support impoverished and needy children in the Boma-Mungo region in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Unsere Mission

our mission

Our goal is to set up a soup kitchen to feed needy children, with a  hot meal a day. In addition, the expansion of the structures required for this, such as creating a garden for self-sufficiency and providing clean drinking water.


Where exactly are we helping?

Boma is a town in the west of the  democratic republic Congo . The city is on the north side of the river  Congo  in the province  Congo Central .

The number of its inhabitants in 2019 is about 575,000 people, with suburbs it is much more. The city is the second most important port city in the country after Matadi.

Source: Wikipedia

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How does it all work

Helping in countries ruled by corruption is not easy. Even impossible without trustworthy people on site. We are very fortunate to be able to work with the head of the health center, Mr. Roger Amoya Muaka, and Rev. Joachim Nsasi Nsasi. They ensure that every single cent reaches the children!

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